Is it weird to invite people to your wedding this late?

I mean I’m sure everyone has a B-list when they’re wedding planning. We had one. Now that we’ve finally received enough responses and RSVP’s from everyone, we have a pretty decent idea of how many extra spaces have cleared up.

Now we can dig into that B-list! Now, it’s not like the B-list is comprised of people we didn’t want there to begin with. It’s more that these are people we’ve met more recently or become close to recently and it was too late to add them to the A-list. In some cases, we just had to make some tough cuts financially and now we can extend more invitations. 

Now I know that and my fiancée Sarah knows that, but I’m not so sure the other parties involved do. Would they be insulted to find out that we’re awkwardly inviting them a month and a half before the wedding? Is that an aggressive move? Is it rude? I don’t even know how to feel. I mean, if it were me, I’d rather be invited than not invited, right?

I think the biggest problem is probably going to be that we are having a black tie wedding. That’s kind of last minute to throw at people that they need a gown and a tux.

Either way, here’s hoping these folks don’t mind and come party with us on the big day!

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