As the new year gets underway, my fiancé and I are working hard to get our financial ducks in a row with a couple of big-ticket items on the horizon. A wedding, a honeymoon, and just day-to-day life can add up pretty quickly.

Recently, Ross mentioned he wanted to start investing our money into the stock market, but I had other ideas for our cash flow. Is investing the right move for 2021?

I will admit that I could use a crash course in how investing works, but when you strip it down to its bare bones, investing in stocks is basically gambling.

Ross argues that we could potentially make a lot more money by investing a certain amount each month. I argue that we could potentially throw away money each month.

I have always worked the best with concrete ideas and solutions. Investing just seems too unpredictable for me.

On the other hand, the thought of doubling or tripling what we put into our stocks of choice sounds pretty enticing. It would certainly help with the wedding vendors and the trip to St. Lucia.

I’m just really stuck on the uncertainty of it all. What if we lose it all and we’re back to square one? We spent so much time last year putting our money away and planning for the future, why would we gamble our earnings?

Is there a piece I’m missing here? Is there a hidden allure to the stock market that I’m overlooking? Help a girl (and her fiancé) out.

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