The Department of Agriculture is warning residents in New England to beware of a tree-killing beetle this month. 

True to its name, the Asian Longhorned Beetle is native to parts of Japan, China, and Korea. The beetle causes extensive damage to trees to the point it will kill the branches and eventually the whole tree. The beetles usually are attracted to hardwood trees, like maple, elm, oak, willows, and birches. The trees that are most at risk are maple trees - meaning Vermont and New Hampshire fall foliage could suffer.

According to the Department of Agriculture, August is 'Tree Check Month' where they urge people to inspect your property for dead trees or trees that appear to be 'sick'. Having the beetles on your property could mean they will spread to several trees. And pose an even bigger risk to your home could be the "dead" trees then lose limbs, which could land on your roof or car.

The easiest way to identify the beetle is by its jet black body with bright white spots. Even more distinct, they have bright blue feet and legs.

So far, the Longhorned Beetles are responsible for killing almost 200,000 trees across the country.

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