Often times, the unexpected can be found in the middle of nowhere.

It might have been a cloudy, rainy and sopping wet Easter Sunday this year, but that didn't stop my girlfriend and me from walking our dog down the Phoenix Bike Trail (known best as the Fairhaven-Mattapoisett Bike Path) for our weekly hike.

Our goal was five miles or 45 minutes out and then back. We started our journey at the Sconticut Neck Road opening and proceeded to walk towards Mattapoisett. There were only a couple of people on the trail that day since the weather conditions were poor.

I've run parts of the trail before but never made it past one mile from Sconticut Neck Road. As we approached 1.5 miles, we saw some sort of structure in the distance and from afar, it appeared to be some kind of bench with a sign. As we got closer, we realized that it was not a bench at all:


What you see above is not a set of seats, but instead a workout platform for exercising on the trail. It's an ENERGI® Station 4 - Power & Agility Step Exercises platform that was erected for the public to use and exercise on. This was definitely not there last year, so it must be pretty new.



The station features 24 exercises, all to be performed on the following:

  • Lateral step-up
  • V-step
  • A-step

Even with the rain, the platform is safe to use (with caution to every user) thanks to the textured, non-slip surface that can be placed above the ground or installed below for better sturdiness and durability.

Perhaps you have seen this on your walks from Fairhaven to Mattapoisett, but this was most certainly a first for me. To some, it might just be an eyesore and a waste of town tax money, but to me, I see an opportunity to get into shape. Since it's over a mile away from Sconticut Neck Road, you'll have to first walk, jog, or run to its location, but once you're there, there's no point just turning back.

I'm looking forward to trying this out during our next trip down the Phoenix Bike Trail. Perhaps it's just what the doctor ordered to lose this weight.


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