Jennifer Aniston was at the Warner Brothers lot in Hollywood, visiting the set of the TV show Friends at the Central Perk coffee shop where so many of the scenes were filmed. She decided it would be fun to surprise the tourists who were there to have their photo taken on the now-famous couch. This is one of the most popular tours on the entire WB lot.

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Jennifer filled in for Ellen the other day and Selena Gomez was a guest on the show. Wow, I never knew what a big Friends fan Selena is.




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Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson hadn't said anything following the death of Kobe Bryant until yesterday when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

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Jimmy noted a tweet Johnson posted, labeling Bryant "the greatest Laker of all time," and said it was unusual since Johnson was Bryant's idol.

And this is the first we are hearing from Shaquille O'Neal, who has taken Kobe's death very hard:

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