I took my daughter to her first concert this past weekend and the show had special meaning for me, too.

This past Sunday, my four-year-old daughter and I went to see Raffi live at The Vets in Providence, Rhode Island.

It was her first concert, but that wasn't the most special thing about the day.

What really made this show a must-see for us was the fact that 35 years ago, Raffi was also my very first concert—in this very same venue.

Back in the day, my mother brought my sister and me to see Raffi on his 1984 A Young Children's Concert tour at The Vets in Providence.

And though I don't remember the concert in full detail or anything (I was four years old myself at the time), I do distinctly remember going and dancing like crazy.

So when I saw Raffi on The Vets show list for 2019 I knew I had to take my daughter.

Not that I had to twist her arm to go or anything. She does love Raffi and we listen to his songs all the time in our house. Dance to them, too.

She knows all the words to many of his songs and it was awesome to sit in the venue with her and sing along to songs I've been singing for decades.

My husband thought I was being a bit cheesy making her first concert the same as my first concert, but considering the number of what Raffi calls "Beluga Grads" (parents who grew up listening to Raffi music) in the building, I am willing to bet I'm not the only parent who has ever made this move.

Any other parent-kid combo Raffi fans out there?

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