Call me crazy, but I don't know any women over 40 who actually want to add 30-plus years onto their appearance with this FaceApp and then go and post it all over social media.

Last night I saw Jackson's post of himself along with Michael, Gazelle and Nancy after having gone and done the Face App "Old" filter. My first reaction was a bit of horror (except for Nancy's pic 😊) and just how freaking OLD they all looked.

via FaceApp

My second reaction was the feeling of being left out and not included in the fun. I mean, nobody even asked me? Honestly, I would never have played along with them for this anyways, as there is NO WAY in you-know-where I am going to broadcast all over social media what I may look like in my 80s, jeez!

Call me vain; I don't care. There is no way that photo is going to be something I would be visually happy with right now. If we flash forward 30-40 years, I am sure I would be fine with the 80-90-year-old version of me. I'll be so happy to be enjoying a healthy life to complain about wrinkles and "things" sagging. But for now, I don't want to go there.

TSM/christine fox

This filter right here is MUCH more fun and appealing, don't you think? This filter is called "Time Travel" and it shows a younger you, a current you (which seems surprisingly young also) and an older you (and is not nearly as bad as the "old" filter).

This morning on the show, Michael called me out saying that he knew for sure I would NEVER take part when Jackson asked him. He's right. I don't think I would care as much if I were a guy, but I'm not a guy. But I did say that I would play along if the photo used was from my wedding day, like Nancy's photo which was from her wedding day somewhere around age 30.

I want to know how the 40-plus ladies feel about this, would you or no?