At New Bedford's Global Learning Charter Public School, a small but significant gesture speaks volumes about the school's appreciation for faculty.

Going on three years, the courteous "VIP" parking space, positioned conveniently next to the school entrance, clearly shows the school's commitment to honoring outstanding staff members.

This special parking spot, born out of the school's parking lot renovation project, was conceived to create a distinct space reserved exclusively for the school's dedicated staff members. Over the years, it has become a symbol of recognition and a premium perk for those chosen.

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Social worker Rebecca Pye has current bragging rights for the spot.

However, what truly sets this program apart is its unique selection process. Rather than being awarded based on seniority or achievement, the privilege of parking in the reserved spot is determined through a random selection process.

"We started with staff members who then donated to other staff members, and it was a fun thing to pass down to each staff member on a running list," Director of Business at Global Learning Charter Public School Steve Furtado Jr. said. "We wanted to take the pressure off so they can enjoy the spot, so we started using a randomized list."

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If chosen, the staff members are given the option to either accept or decline the offer. If they pass, the honor goes to the next person on the list.

"All of our staff members are incredible in general, so we like to keep it random," Furtado Jr. said. "For them, it’s one less thing to worry about when it comes to parking. It’s a nice bonus."

In a city where parking is tough, the significance of this reserved parking spot cannot be overstated. With only 60 designated parking spaces for a staff of 97, every additional parking spot counts.

"It works out really well with the parking, but that one space goes a long way; it’s meaningful," Furtado Jr. said.

As Global Learning Charter Public School strives for excellence in education, its commitment to celebrating staff contributions is admirable.

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