FALL RIVER (WBSM) — Food paradise is coming to Fall River as it gears up to celebrate Food Trucks at The Gates, where an array of food trucks will gather and serve mouth-watering treats.

Set against the scenic beauty of the historic waterfront, the summer event will bring an evening filled with delicious food, music and a beautiful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

The weather is getting warmer, making this the perfect opportunity to enjoy outdoor festivities. Make sure you bring an empty stomach for this night.

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What Is Fall River's Food Trucks at the Gates?

PVD Food Trucks Event is an organization produced throughout Rhode Island for different events.

During their summer, streets are filled with over 65 food trucks, providing endless options for various kinds of foods. Each truck represented is also locally owned, creating a fun way to experience a handful of food businesses.

Food Trucks at the Gate is just one of their many events, and it's coming back to the city for three nights.

This food-filled night event will happen three times this year throughout the summer, starting in June. You can't expect to see the streets filled with food trucks on June 13, July 11, and August 8 from 5 p.m. to sunset.

It will be located on Water Street in Fall River's Water Street District. Gates of the City is located on Ponta Delgada Boulevard.

What You Can Expect at Fall River's Food Trucks at the Gates

In addition to great food, there will also be live bands setting the atmosphere with vibrant music. Beer and wine will be served through Troy City Brewing of Fall River. Food Trucks at the Gate is a free event; money is only needed to purchase food and drinks.

If you love to sit and take in a beautiful view, guests are encouraged to bring blankets and lawn chairs to lounge in the grassy area near the gates.

If you want to bring a small companion, pets are also welcome to join you. However, at the event, there is no smoking, and vaping and e-smoking are prohibited.

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