Go ahead and laugh. I'm genuinely concerned about how this whole thing is going to go.

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties have the reputation of being wild, crazy and over the top. There's a ton of wild nonsense that can happen. We're all well aware of that. I mean we've all seen The Hangover so we know it can get out of hand fast. That's not the part that really had me terrified. Concerned? Yes. Terrified? No.

I was mentally prepared for more shenanigans than usual and for my friends to plan something ridiculous. The reason I say was is because that was before I started dieting to get in shape for the wedding. I also cut out any and all beer and liquor over the last month. I had tunnel vision on getting back in shape.

The only issue now is that, well, we're going to Las Vegas and we're going in less than two weeks. I need to get my act together, or I'm going to die. I was handed a shot of tequila last night and it threw me for a mean loop. I was definitely feeling it HARD and it was just one single solitary shot. I already know it's going to be way more than that in Sin City.

While I really want to keep the momentum I have with this diet and fitness kick, I definitely need to work some of that tolerance back. I'm not sure what to do or which way to go. All I know is that I'm going to need all y'all's prayers.

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