If you wish there were some kind of way to make your boyfriend propose sooner, well, maybe there is, with engagement chicken.

Say what?! Engagement chicken?  Yes, apparently there is a certain type of chicken dinner that could make your man give you a ring sooner rather than later.  It sounds crazy, but can't hurt to try, right?

Engagement chicken has been a 'thing' for years apparently, but I just heard of it recently.  I wish I'd have known about this 3 years ago when I had had 'the talk' with my then-boyfriend and knew a ring was coming, but had no idea when.  It drove me NUTS!

Engagement chicken came about back in the 80's when a fashion editor of Glamour magazine shared her recipe with a co-worker, who made the meal and soon after became engaged.  The recipe made its way around the office and soon after, a few other ladies became engaged as well.

Then in 2003, when Glamour editor-in-chief heard that wedding proposals were happening after the chicken dinner was made, she dubbed the recipe 'Engagement Chicken' and ran the recipe in the December 2003 issue.   Shortly after the issue came out, Glamour received a bunch of letters from women saying they got engaged shortly after making the chicken dinner for their boyfriends!

Could it be a coincidence?  Maybe, or maybe engagement chicken really works.  Either way, it sounds like a simple recipe and chicken is delicious...so I say go ahead and make it whether you're hoping to get married in the near future or not!  Check out the recipe below: