You can choose a lot of things in your life, but one thing that you really don't get a say in is your name.

I was talking to Michael and Larry about names this morning, and it somehow came up about changing your name. Sure, us women get to change our name through marriage if we so choose, but it's not exactly a name we pick out ourselves. So the guys asked me, what would I choose if I could? I don't know why, but my favorite last name is 'Rasmussen'. I heard it for the first time a few years ago and decided right then and there, that I really liked it and if I could choose a name for myself, it would be that. Also, another odd fact, it reminds me of sheep. Weird, I know. I guess if I could change my first name, I would change it to 'Chloe' because that's my favorite first name. I actually like my first name though...well, now I do. I hated the name 'Loren' as a kid, and I was so mad at my parents for spelling it differently! They told me that one day I would grow to love it and I would enjoy being different. They were right, now I like my name and I am glad it's spelled differently!

I asked Michael if he would change his name at all, he said no. I asked Larry the same question, his response, also no. Then I asked our interns John and Corinne, John said no, Corinne said yes, so maybe it's a girl thing? Corinne said she would keep her last name but would change her first name to Isabel.

Have you ever wanted to change your name? Or, do you have a favorite name, first, last, or both, that if given the opportunity (hassle free of course, without having to go to court) you would change it to?

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