The burning question of the day:

If Cape Cod was a candle, what would it smell like?

Bet you weren't expecting that.

With summer approaching, it's only fitting to break out the candles that bring a certain vibe to the room. Ones that accentuate the changing seasons of New England. A good candle can make a bad day better and even bring back fond memories of the past. That's a candle I can light over and over again.

So, what better way than to honor the region? It's only fair that we do, since we've given the same candle love to New Bedford and Fall River. 

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Cape Cod in its entirety gives off rather subtle scents. Between the fresh ocean breeze, the salty sea spray, the beach grass and the dunes, you're senses are consumed by Cape Cod's relaxing vibes.

Although Cape Cod is famous for fresh seafood, giant lobster rolls and savory clam boils, the smell of fried food and low tide might ruin the overall scent we're going for here, so I decided to leave that out of the recipe.

Overall, the scent we've cooked up here captures the essence of Cape Cod's natural beauty, seaside charm and unique culinary offerings. I've put together the ingredients of what I think a Cape Cod candle would smell like and it's quite pleasant.

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