This might be the most entertaining piece I've written in a while and I'm confident I've nailed the perfect candle for the city of Fall River.

I ask you, the reader, the following question: If Fall River was a candle, what would it smell like? A strange question to ask, I'm aware, but one that piques my interest nonetheless.

This is the third city/town of my SouthCoast candle collection series and it's for sure a good one. Back in 2017, I collectively pieced together every smell I could muster up from the city of New Bedford into one oddly-scented candle. From the harbor to the famous  Mozambique sauce, the aroma was quite interesting, to say the least.

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Fast forward to 2020 and I present to you my hometown of Westport bundled up into a wax formation of a variety of scents. From the rolling grape vines of Westport Vineyards Winery to that sweet smell of cow manure (it's an acquired smell for sure), I once again created a candle masterpiece.

It's been a long time coming, but I finally compiled and consolidated just about every familiar smell that Fall River has to offer. With the help of my good friend Jaime Furtado (better known to most as Titi), who is a former resident of the city for most of her life, we were able to create the ultimate candle that harnesses the overall odor and natural perfumes of Fall River.

The real question is- would you buy this candle?

These 10 Scents of Fall River Would Make the Ideal Candle

If Fall River had its very own candle, this is exactly what it would smell like.

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