Ahh, there's nothing sweeter than the backroad aromas of the countryside.

As someone who was born and raised in the small town of Westport, the natural scents always bring me right back home like a nostalgic clock that stood still in time.

They say "love where you live and live where you love," and, well, in that case, it couldn't be any more true about Westport.

Throughout the years I've moved to and from the quaint SouthCoast town and constantly had a bad case of homesickness when I wasn't around the area where I grew up. If only there were a candle that I could take with me wherever I went to remind me of my roots and all of the different smells that "take me back" every time.

If only there were a "Westport scented" candle, it would smell somewhat along the lines of these various aromas, all in one fragrance. As the wick would burn lower and lower, a different note would gently waft through the air, bringing back the memories of good old Westport:

If Westport Were a Candle, It Would Smell Like...

From the sweet smells of fresh-spread mulch to the enticing cravings of fried foods, to the scent of a cool ocean breeze whisking across the crashing waves and sandy dunes and even the refreshing aromas from a farm stand where corn, peppers and cabbage were freshly harvested.

If you ask me why I love Westport so much, I would simply refer to the candle that held its magical sentimentality and soothing scents that would remind anyone of simpler times and the peacefulness of the countryside.

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