If New Bedford was a candle, what it smell like?

I've only lived in the area for about five years now, but I've become accustomed to the smells and energy of the bustling city. If New Bedford jarred as a candle that you could take with you anywhere in the world to remind you of home, here's the combined scents to produce the nostligia;

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1.) Crisp Salt Air:

  • To represent the Waterfront that surrounds the city of New Bedford, from the hurricane barriers by Clark's Cove to the Acushnet river/Acushnet line shoreline along Bellville avenue on a perfect Fall morning as the sun is rising.

2.) Hints of Smoked Hickory & Oak Barrels:

  • To represent the industrial factories and boat exhaust that powers New Bedford's economy. The smokey finish to the candle's scent places you in the heart of the city where the factories are bustling and alongside the state pier as the engines of New Bedford's fishing vessels fire up for the first time before taking off for the day's daily catch.

3.) Hints of Fresh Baked Bread

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  • To represent the local bakeries and mom and pop restaurants that wake up before the sun to fill the city with the delicious smell of popsecas and sweet massa bread.

4.) Hints of Paprika, Cayenne Powder and Cinnamon Spices

  • To represent the large Portuguese and Spanish culture that has blossomed throughout the city. The enticing aromas of homecooked meals from that creep out from the cracks of Vavo and Abuella's kitchen windows.

5.) Caffeine


  • Not a scent, but more of an infusion to represent the bustling energy and workforce of the city.


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  • When the candle burns low and the wick comes to an end, you can detect a minor hint of low-tide.