I don't know how many more years I can do this to myself!

Who doesn't love a little friendly competition, right? I know I sure do! The only problem is, sometimes I let my competitive spirit get a little out of hand. This is EXACTLY what happens EVERY SINGLE YEAR when it comes to Fantasy Football.

Every year, I start thinking about the draft and how I'm going to just be calm, cool and collected all season. I look over some rankings and get a few ideas on how I'll draft and them I'm good.

Then someone starts talkin' smack.

Now it's on.

Suddenly I turn into this otherworldly creature and you're my prey. I'll show up to the draft with folders full of statistics that aren't even relevant. I'll start preparing possible trade scenarios. I'm sweet-talking other owners in the league to try and pull a fast one on them for some deals.

It's a rabbit hole! Every single year I go way too far. You'd think I was Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and even Danny Ainge all rolled into one.

I'll lose countless hours to studying, researching and scouting players. I'll scout teams to see what players might be surprises. It's bananas. I need to break this vicious cycle. I need to put an end to this insane behavior. Also, I'm getting married, I shouldn't be burning my money on silly fake football leagues.

That being said--

If you've got any openings in your league, hit me up.


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