If you were at Fairhaven football's state semi-finals game Saturday night in Mansfield you saw a lot of scoring.  Between the two teams there was a grand total of a whopping 77 points.

While there were plenty of touchdowns to go around, one thing you didn't see from the boys in white was a lot of celebrating.  There was little, if any, celebration in the end zone after any of the six touchdowns scored by the offense.  There was barely any cheering from the players when they were in the victory formation and the clock ticked down to zero.  The Blue Devils was all business.

Junior captain Justin Marques put it simply, "We haven't won anything, yet."  While the team has won their fair share of games this season, they have always had one goal in mind, and that was to win the Division-6 Super Bowl.

As of this afternoon, we now know the date and time of the biggest football game of their young lives.

Fairhaven will face Salem at 3 pm on Thursday, November 30 at Gillette Stadium.  It will be the Blue Devils against the Witches.  Sounds like a head to head competition from the Triwizard tournament at Hogwarts.

If we're being honest, the initial reaction to the 3 o'clock kickoff was probably mild disappointment.  Of course, a later kickoff was likely expected.  However, upon further thought, the mid afternoon kickoff on a school day could be pretty fun, assuming administration is able to figure out the many logistics of an early dismissal.

The early kickoff could mean busloads of students getting dismissed to attend the historic Fairhaven game.  However, details with just how that could actually play out are yet to be determined. There are a lot of moving parts to an early dismissal like that.  A decision, however, is expected before Thanksgiving break.

The most important thing is that the Fairhaven Blue Devils football team is going to get an opportunity to play out their high school football dreams on the same stadium turf that has seen players like Brady, Gronk and Edelman.  If they moved the kickoff to 1am Thursday, that would still be an unforgettable experience for these kids.

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