Finally!  After 20+ years, I bit the bullet and changed my hairstyle!

I'd been thinking about changing it for a while, but was just too chicken to do it.  I was going to do it last year, but then my wedding was coming up and I was not comfortable making a big change right before the biggest day of my life.  So that as a no-go.

Then, after my wedding, my life just got crazy busy, we bought a new home, I started my new job at FUN 107, it was just a lot of stuff keeping me very busy, that my hair was the last thing on my mind.

I actually hadn't done anything to it at all since before my wedding, no highlights, no trim, it was in rough shape and time for a change for sure.

So this past Friday, I did it.  I got highlights, lowlights, trimmed 3 inches off my hair and the most drastic change, I got bangs!  I almost chickened out....almost.  I was afraid it wouldn't look good!  But I decided to go for it and I'm really glad that I did!  I love my new hair!  I think the bangs are very cute and make me look younger.  I just love the whole look and actually, I kind of wish I did it sooner!  See, change is GOOD!