The cost of Netlfix is going up again next month and I kinda can't believe it.

I guess I shouldn't say that, because I totally can believe they are raising prices again. I'm just not thrilled about it.

As B Mo mentioned back in January, the rates are going up anywhere from $1-$2 per month depending on your plan.

For me, I've got the standard plan where you can watch in HD on up to two different devices at a time.

That means a rate increase from $10.99 to $12.99.

Not a huge deal, I know, but it adds up and it's annoying that they are raising the costs again without offering anything new with those hikes.

I mean sure, they offer the videos. But come on, Netflix is 70 percent crap these days.

Maybe instead of trying to recoup losses from account sharing, you just stop spending so much on making bad shows?

It seems like they green-light any dumb idea that comes their way and have insane amounts of garbage choices.

I probably watch a mere sliver of all the pie Netflix has to offer, and really just watch the same things over and over because there's nothing else I want to see.

I should probably just spend my money on a Parks & Rec box set and call it a day, really.

Parks and Recreation GIF

But then I'd miss out on The Crown and I just can't do that.

You win this time, Netflix!

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