A total solar eclipse is coming to parts of the U.S. and if you're planning on checking it out, you'll need to protect your eyes. 

Eclipses are cool, but they can be dangerous to look at.

We all know you shouldn't stare at the sun, so how can you view this celestial event without doing damage?

The American Astronomical Society says you must get a solar filter.

Solar filters look like 3-D glasses and they allow you to look at the sun without hurting your eyes.

Once the moon has completely covered the sun it will be safe to look at, but as the shadow makes it's way there, you'll need this protective eye gear.

SkyandTelescope.com says you can also check out the eclipse with a piece of #14 arcwelder's glass.

This is a much less expensive way to do it, but make sure it is #14 arcwelder's glass. Other filters may reduce the Sun's glare, but they will still let harmful radiation through to your eye.

No matter which method you choose, just make sure to stay safe while checking out the Solar Eclipse 2017!