Are you sick of the Kardashians? Tired of their lives overshadowing other stories on nearly every website out there? Well you are not alone and now there is a solution!

There is a new browser extension out there called KardBlock. Like AdBlock...but for the Kardashians.

It sounds genius to me, cause I can tell you I typically do not care about anything Kardashian clan and yet I can't seem to avoid seeing stories about them while I'm online. Now I apparently don't have to!

As their website says, KardBlock simply makes the Kardashians disappear. You won't know it's blocking them, cause the stories simply won't show up. You can live in a Kardashian free world!

In fact if you were using it right now, I'll bet you couldn't even see this story.

He says his next big plan is to filter out Justin Bieber and allow users to remove all mention of the Canadian singer too.

I think these browser extensions are fantastic and will probably give the KardBlock a try.

Any other celebrities you'd like to see less of while your online? Who do you think you should be able to block next?