It was probably the weirdest pieces of Super Bowl memorabilia ever, but someone out there now owns Julian Edelman's beard. So how much did they spend on it?

Last Friday the auction for Julian Edelman's crazy caveman beard ended with a final bid of $8,500.

Yep, someone out there has the extra money to spend $8,500 on someone else's facial hair.

Not how I would spend that kind of money, but the cash raised is going to a very good cause.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston will be seeing a sweet donation with the auction profits.

They were the charity Edelman chose when he went on the Ellen DeGeneres show after the Patriots Super Bowl win and agreed to have his beard shaved off on TV.

At the time he and Ellen also each donated $10,000 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, so thanks to one beard they now have another $28,500 to put to good use throughout Boston.

Kind of amazing what some facial hair can do.

No word on who bought the beard, but I certainly hope they come forward cause I'm dying to know who would buy such a thing.

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