Julian Edelman's beard has taken him months to grow, but when Ellen Degenerous offered him $10,000 towards his favorite charity,  No. 11 couldn't resist.

Edelman appears on today's Ellen show with the Patriots' newest Lombardi Trophy to talk about the Super Bowl. He described his Patriots teammates as his second family that has brought out the best in him. He called Sunday "a full family kind of win."

Ellen asked Edelman what he got for winning the Super Bowl MVP award. He told her that he gets a silver football, but that he hadn't received it, yet.

"I don't have it, yet.  I think they send it to me," he said.

"They sent it to me," joked Degenerous. "They sent it to me to give to you." Then, one of Ellen's assistants brought the Super Bowl MVP trophy out to Edelman.

When they finally got Edelman in the barber's chair, he seemed a little hesitant. "It took me nine months to grow out this beard," he said. "I'll miss it."

Ellen YouTube
Ellen YouTube

Ellen offered the Super Bowl MVP a $10,000 donation to the Boston Boys and Girls Club.  Edelman matched the donation.

So, which Edelman look do you like the best? Do you like Edelman with his big, bushy, caveman beard? Or clean0shaven Julian?

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