I know myself I just can't justify spending more than $40 for jeans and I try to keep my spending to a minimum when it comes to most articles of clothing so I decided to bring this up on the air.

Larry seemed to have the same mindset as me but Michael Rock said he is still "the chick on the show." He admitted his shoe choice of the day cost him $150 and is willing to spend upward of $100 for jeans. He's crazy! I mean today I am wearing Uggs (which cost around $180) but they were a gift. Sure, there are certain brands some items have to be but I wait and buy them on sale.

Depending on the designer and the item, sometimes I can convince myself to just go ahead and purchase it (Kate Spade is my weakness). What about you guys? Are you frugal when it comes to fashion or do you just not pay attention to the price tag? Take my poll below: