Some people blame school shootings and other heinous acts with guns on violent video games. But it may surprise you to learn that terrorist attacks may be planned by using the same kind of Playstation 4 or XBox One that sits in your living room right now.

German intelligence has long known that terrorists use the gaming consoles to communicate, and are now trying to confirm that the militants behind the Paris attacks used a Playstation 4 to coordinate the deadly attacks.

Since communications over an IP-based system are much more difficult to intercept than a mere cell phone signal, terrorists have turned to gaming to plot out their next devious plans. They can communicate by talking through the network, sending written messages, or even using the game itself to write a message. For example, a militant could use the latest "Call of Duty" game to compose a message on a wall by riddling it with bullets.

In 2010, the FBI pushed to gain access to Microsoft and Sony's peer-to-peer communication networks, but were denied by the FCC. Hopefully, the FBI tries again to gain access to the networks. I don't mind them listening to me while I trash-talk my friends on the latest Battlefront game if it's in the interest of national security.

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