One of the world's treasures was severely damaged today when the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burst into flames just minutes after closing for the day.

It's a bittersweet day for anyone who has ever visited the cathedral. The 'bitter' is for obvious reasons. One of the most aesthetically beautiful, yet solemn structures on the planet was harmed. The 'sweet' is for those that were lucky enough to have a personal connection to the cathedral. The cathedral stays with visitors for a lifetime.

There are many, many people that are more religious than I am, but it's hard to visit Notre Dame without feeling the spirituality of the building itself. It is inspiring to sit in the cathedral and to think of all of the work and love that was put into creating it. Back in the year 1160, it took builders a solid 100 years to finish. Can you imagine dedicating your life to working on a project that you know full well you'll never see to completion? That is inspiring no matter what the project.

Looking up at the interior of the cathedral, the ceilings are so high you'd swear they reach up to the heavens. You can light a candle and say a prayer in any church around the world, but there was something that really touches your soul when you are inside those hallowed walls of Notre Dame.

Tonight, many of those walls are no more.

The spire that humans built in the glory of God has crumbled after nearly 800 years. The cathedral itself, a symbol of humanity, laid to rest tonight after all this time standing as a spiritual guard over the world's greatest city.

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