Everyone loves to poke around Airbnb and see what kind of lifestyle they could afford for one night...but this one has us scratching our heads.

First of all, a by-the-night rental that is listed at $319 is crazy. That kind of investment better come with sleeping accommodations for five, a fireplace, hot tub, beach access, and some kind of and crazy slide from the second to the first floor. Especially if that listing is in a regular place like Fall River.

So... Why is this apartment private bedroom inside of someone else's apartment listed at $319 a night, you ask? Could it be because it has sleeping accommodations for two people in one bed, in one bedroom, plus access to one bathroom? Maybe. Could it be because it is near the waterfront and its associated attractions like Battleship Cove and the Marine Museum? Possibly. It's hard to guess.

airbnb map

But the listing has just one single photo (which we'll get to) and no reviews. Granted, its hard to have a review if you are a new listing, but wouldn't you really want to SELL your place to the audience with amazingly staged photos?

Plus, the host is a verified Airbnb user and has been reviewed as being a "great guest" and "highly recommended" by another host. That alone means he's browsed Airbnb before (at least once) and has some idea of how it works.

Anyhow, maybe it is a misunderstanding, or possibly just an unfinished listing. Maybe he doesn't really need the income anymore and forgot to take the listing down.

Whatever the case is, not all Airbnb's will be in your price range and sometimes, that's okay.

Airbnb Fall River


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