No surprise, we were talking about Valentine's Day this morning.

The subject rolled around to Valentine's Day proposals. Kasey, who works with us behind the scenes, is (finally) recently engaged. For years, we'd all wonder whether her boyfriend was going to pop the question on Valentine's Day, and then every February 15th, we'd come into work only to find her finger bare.

Luckily, we didn't have to worry about that for Kasey this year, because she is now engaged. I was surprised, however, to hear Christine say that even if she were still single, she would NOT want her boyfriend to propose to her on Valentine's Day.

Noelia from New Bedford agreed. "It definitely cliche, everybody expects people to get engaged on Valentine's Day and I don't want to share my engagement day with half of the world," she said.

Deb from Acushnet didn't have a problem with it, although she may not be the most impartial judge. Her husband, Ted, popped the question to her 34 years ago today at a restaurant called Abba in Westport. "I left to go to the restroom, and when I got back he had slipped the box with the ring in it underneath my napkin. When I picked up the napkin, there was the ring," she said.

One woman called into the show and told us that her husband proposed to her on Halloween night while they were trick-or-treating. They each had kids from previous marriages, and he thought it would be a fun way to remember the moment.

What do you think? Is Valentine's Day the PERFECT day to get engaged, or is it the WORST day to get engaged?

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