What began as a simple $10 bet to wear a hot dog costume to school for class photos has evolved into something extravagant. 

Nine-year-old Jake Arsenault from Maine won the internet when he walked into school one day wearing a hot dog costume to pose for his class photo, a note from his parents giving him permission to do it, telling the staff that they would pay him 10 bucks to go through with it and without hesitation, Jake's teachers allowed it.

Since then, the post from his father (displaying the school photo as proof that his son went through with it) has been shared 32,000 and featured 6,000 comments.

This was clearly enough to catch the attention of a very large hot dog company, a personal favorite of mine: Oscar Mayer. They were so impressed by the class photo that they decided to pay a little surprise visit with the one and only Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Jealousy isn't even a word I can muster up right now. Visiting and "meeting" the famous hot dog truck has always been something on my bucket list and it couldn't have happened to a better person than Jake.

The day had finally come when the two famous entities would meet face to face, Jake the Hot Dog Kid and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in the Cabellas plaza in Scarborough, Maine.

The "Weenermobile!" Jake's father shouted with excitement in his recent selfie with the oversized frankfurter.

It was a day that will forever live in Jake's heart, all because he wore a hot dog costume to school one day. Who knew?


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