I was 34 years old when I first discovered that I was a beach snob and I'm just being honest.

In a way, I'm ashamed of it, because no matter how you view a beach, it's meant to be a relaxation destination. However, I have to vent for a moment.

Growing up in Westport, I always went to Cherry & Webb Beach rather than Horseneck. My parents had a season pass to this residents-only-parking beach and so did I once I had my license.

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I was enticed by the spacious and clean beachfront where you don't feel like you're on top of one another. The only downside of Cherry & Webb is walking what feels like a quarter of a mile up and over steep dunes just to get to the ocean. But it was always worth the hike.

For some of you reading this, what I am about to say may come across as “well, duh." But don’t forget that Westport is a popular tourist destination. This information is advice for the avid beachgoer who may not know the local ropes.

These days, I rarely make it to the beach due to lack of time, so a seasonal beach pass is unnecessary. Luckily, Horseneck, just down the road from Cherry & Webb, has daily passes, so whenever I get an opportunity to bask in the sand, I’ll buy a day pass for a whopping $13 per day.

Here are the pros and cons I've gathered for anyone looking to invest their time at Horseneck.

The Pros of Beaching it at Horseneck:

The App
I never carry cash, so the Yodel App is a wonderful tool. Pay it, present it, park it. That should be the new slogan.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media & Canva
Gazelle/Townsquare Media & Canva

The Parking
Compared to Cherry & Webb, I’ve never had an issue with parking at Horseneck. It’s a large enough lot with ample parking for everyone to pack onto the beach like sardines.

The Walk
As soon as you park, it’s a very short walk to the sand. The boardwalk pavilion to the waterfront makes it just as convenient with bathrooms, showers to shed the sand and a family changing area.

The Cons of Beaching it at Horseneck:

The Seagulls
Obviously, a larger crowd is only going to attract more seagulls looking to scavenge anything they can find. Beware, these seagulls don’t have the patience for dropped French fries. They’ll wait for you to leave your towel and then help themselves to anything you packed. Even if it’s hidden inside a tote and out of sight.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media & Canva
Gazelle/Townsquare Media & Canva

The Packed Beach
It’s a public beach and not everyone who goes there is from Westport. Be ready to sit side by side with strangers and kids. Nothing you can do to help it, it’s a popular beach. Just giving you the heads up.

The Rocky Shoreline
This is by far the worst thing Horseneck has to offer. Sure, it’s nitpicking, but the rocks on the beach and shoreline are out of control. It’s painful just trying to cool off, but if you venture out far enough, you should find a small patch of saving grace where there are no rocks.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Once again, in no way am I telling you not to visit Horseneck, as it's now my "go-to" place in Westport. Just expect some differences. if you're used to the beach down the road.

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