It always warms my heart to see people giving back to the less fortunate and this story is no exception.  Earlier this year, YouTube Personality Rahat, who has over 3 million followers, presented a homeless man named Erik with a lottery ticket that made Erik think he just became $1000 dollars richer.  Little did Erik know that the ticket was fake and Rahat had already given the money to the clerk making it look like Erik had actually won.  Regardless of it being a fake ticket, the gesture went above and beyond in the kindness department.  Rahat did not stop here though.

He received an out-pouring of support, with more people asking Rahat what they could do to help Erik.  Rahat opened a funding project that anyone could donate to and the amount of donations significantly surpassed the $20,000 Rahat was hoping for. So what did Rahat do, he gave Erik a brand new home! Watch the video here:

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