We all know weddings can be super expensive, so when there's an opportunity to save money, you jump at it, right?

Well, that depends.  It depends on what you're willing to splurge on and what you're willing to save on.

For me, I knew saving money on a dress I was only going to wear one time, was a definite 'yes' for me.

So, maybe the new $100 dress from H&M would interest you?  The dress was reportedly inspired by 1930s Hollywood glamour with a modern twist and features a shirred bodice, gathered waist, a long, flowing skirt and some really pretty beading at the neckline.

It will be available online and in select stores starting in April.  For only a hundred bucks, I think this is a great deal for a really pretty dress!  Take a look at the dress here:

Twitter/Inspired Magazine
Twitter/Inspired Magazine

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