Technology is everywhere these days, so why not use it to your advantage when planning your wedding?

Looking to get high tech for your big day? Here's the hottest tech trends for 2016.

  • Comomolas

    Photo Apps

    Apps are everywhere on the wedding landscape, from apps to help you plan to apps that let you register for gifts.

    But now you can use an app to get the very best photos of your big day all in one place.

    Snapshots is an app that puts your photographers photos and your guests photos all in one gallery and according to the Huffington Post it should be involved with Apple TV soon too.

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    Emotion Trackers

    Guys, want to show your bride just how excited you were when you first saw her in her wedding dress?

    Well Fitbit and other health-related apps are helping you do that.

    They now have a feature that can show just how much your heart rate picked up and your pulse quickened when you saw her head down the aisle.

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    You may have already seen this high-tech trend at a wedding or two.

    Drones are the hot new way to get great shots of your big day.

    But you don't just have to use a drone to get wedding photos, some people are even using them as ring bearers.

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    Scrum Your Wedding

    Admittedly, I had to look up the term 'scrum.'

    Basically it's a sports term that has been taken over by software developers to describe the way they take on tough projects...and a wedding can be a tough project.

    The website can help you plan your big day the software developer way and according to them save time, save money and save your sanity.