You've probably gotten hundreds of envelopes of Valpak coupons over the years. But you should really stop throwing them away unopened and here's why.

The company behind the Valpak coupon envelopes is offering recipients some serious incentive to open those blue packages every month.

Cold, hard cash.

Yes, Valpak is placing $100 checks made out to CASH in random Valpak envelopes across the country. And you could be the next winner.

The compnay says there are absolutely no strings attached. They simple want more people to open their coupon envelopes instead of just tossing them as soon as they get them.

And you'll know if you've won right away. The winning envelopes have a "Congratulations, Instant Winner" wrap right on top.

Apparently the company has been mailing out these checks since 1988. But they typically only did this in certain markets.

Now they are expanding their check distribution to every market they serve...all at the same time.

That's 150 markets and over 39 million envelopes.

So what are your chances of scoring the free cash? USA Today did the math and say it is roughly 1 in 50,000.

Still free money just for opening an envelope? I'll definitely be opening mine this month!

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