Apparently, people think Michael Rock is a mysitcal unicorn. Spolier alert: He IS!

Just kidding - he's not a unicorn but we get that he is a pretty big deal on the Southcoast. Because he's been on Fun 107 for over 20 years, people seriously do think of him as a local celebrity. Before I became co-host, if I told anyone that I worked at Fun 107, they would ask me if I ever saw Michael Rock...And would be TRIPPED OUT that I worked in an office 15 feet from his.

Now that we do the show togeher, the most common question I get it 'What's Michael Rock like in person?!' I mentioned this to Michael and Gazelle and Gazelle says that's what people ask him all the time, too.

Michael thinks it's ridiculous people ask about him...He is HONESTLY one of the most humble people I've ever met so to him, it's weird that people actually care about him. But Gazelle and I decided to answer your question:

"What's Michael Rock like?!?"

He is 100% as friendly and fun as he seems on the radio. He is hands-down one of the hardest working people we know, he lets us make fun of him relentlessly and doesn't ever get offended, it's the funniest thing in the world when he swears, he's an insanely picky eater, and yes - we do all genuinely like each other and get along as much as it sounds like.

Have more questions for us? We'll open it up on Facebook this week so we can answer stuff you really want to know!

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