Tell me you're from Massachusetts without actually telling me you're from Massachusetts.

This video filmed outside a Massachusetts Market Basket is going viral after one of its lights went out, which normally wouldn't warrant any sort of notability. But in this case, a single unlit letter just made a trip to the grocery store all-the-more relatable for those born and bred in the Bay State.

Now you may be thinking, How the heck is a Market Basket sign relatable? How does that even work? Well, when the 'R' in Market goes out, the store's name starts looking a whole lot more like it's pronounced by a lot of people across Massachusetts: Mahket Basket.

So where the heck is this Market Basket that's quickly becoming famous in a video that's garnered more than 500 thousand views? Some viewers were quick to recognize the store as their own, the Market Basket in Haverhill's Central Plaza.

And while a lot of commenters chimed in their appreciation for the video, it's possible no one could relate to the missing R more than user @realmarkd.

"My parents are from Rhode Island and decided to name me Mark," @realmarkd wrote. "There's a reason this was on my [For You Page]."

If you haven't trained your own FYP on TikTok yet to give you all the funny Massachusetts content, don't worry; we've got you. Check out this recent video of a dad trying to get directions to Fall River while on a roadtrip. He just can't seem to pronounce the city's name quite right, and Siri's not helping him out in the slightest!

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