A family friend invited me to join a Facebook group called “South Coast Stash and Dash.” I had never heard of it before, so I poked around the page before deciding if I wanted to join. I was amazed to find out that this is a community-wide treasure hunt that locals created during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep people “together.”

Ian Francis is one of the administrators of the group and we reached out to learn more about how this idea came together. “Brandin DeSousa is the other administrator. He and I started this group to put some smiles on people's faces. Also, to get people's artwork seen by others. The general idea is, you hide or ‘stash' some artwork that you made for others to ‘dash’ and find. Give some clues to where it may be. And hope that someone finds it. A random person not in the group may find it first, and that is awesome. Hopefully, they will take part. It is all about bringing the community together."

‎South Coast Stash and Dash

The group now has over two thousand members. Some are stashers, some are dashers, but you can be both if you want. What’s nice about this is the fact that the whole family can get involved. And it gets you outside. Just be sure to wear your mask when you can’t safely socially distance.

Francis speaks about South Coast Stash and Dash with fondness. It takes him back to childhood. “There was nothing more awesome to win something or find "treasure’ as a kid. This is really geared to the little ones. Also, to share the amazing talent that so many of our members have that we didn't know about.”

Kathi Chase‎ / South Coast Stash and Dash

Local artists have stashed handmade jewelry, framed artwork, and much more all over the SouthCoast. You just might find a hidden treasure the next time you’re out and about.

Click HERE to learn all the rules.

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