The rumors are true, this Swansea Dunkin' Donuts is outstanding.

Just off of Exit 4 (Ocean Grove) from 195 East is a local family-owned Dunkin' that stands out above the rest. Normally, the drive-thru is packed with customers, waiting for their daily coffee and breakfast. Although intimidating, one must never judge the wait by the length of the line, but by the quality and speed of the customer service,

In other words, you'll be next in line to order before you know it, even if you are stuck in the back of the line.

As I walked inside of the newly-renovated established, I was immediately welcomed by the friendly staff. I asked for the manager, and without any hesitation, I was greeted with a smile by Stacey, who is also part-owner of the Wilber Ave location.

"Why is this Dunkin' so popular?" I asked.

She let me in on their secret.

"I've been a manager here for 35 years," she said, "Our store is a family-owned business that takes a lot of pride. We have many workers who have been here for over five, 10, and even 20 years. Our morning crew is just superb; they already know most of the customers' orders and how they like them."

Trust me, I get it. When it comes to any business, customer service is a must and builds a great relationship between the staff and customers. So what separates this Dunkin' from others?

It's how they give back to better the mornings of their customers.

"If they have a coffee that was made wrong or not the way you would normally get it, we will correct it with a fresh cup for no extra charge," Stacey tells Fun 107.

I was reassured that yes, this is, in fact, true. Just see what Maria Manuela Silveria Viera had to say about the 103 Dunkin:

"I went to Dunkin’ Donuts on route six and received a horrible coffee disgusting!!!! I was driving by the Dunkin’ on 103 When I realized it was horrible. I stopped To get another one, I gave them my order Pulled up and asked them if they could get rid of that one .they asked me what was wrong and I told her I didn’t get it there not to worry about it , they apologized and wouldn’t let me pay for my next coffee now I go there all the time everyone’s great That’s the only Dunkin’ Donuts or I can get my Caramel swirl with no sugar... perfect."

Viera wasn't the only one to praise the family-owned Dunkin':

"Not sure about anyone else... but I drive out of my way to go to the 103 Dunkin" -Elyce Celine

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 6.35.05 AM

Locals simply can't get enough of the 103 Dunkin', and after receiving my large Cold Brew with a shot of Turbo, I instantly knew what the hype was all about.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 6.34.33 AM

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