The fire station down the street has gotten a yellow fire engine and my kids are beyond excited.Never has a fire engine been such a big deal in my house. But last week we saw the new yellow fire engine in the neighborhood and my kids have been looking for it ever since.

Honestly this thing was kind of a surprise. You don't think of fire engines as being anything but red.

Not this one. It is bright yellow and certainly stands out.

It's also pretty cool because it seems to have a variety of sirens to choose from.

And they have been trying them all out it seems.

Every time we hear a siren lately my older daughter goes running for the window to watch it drive by. The baby loves looking at it too, thought I doubt that has anything to do with it being yellow.

But adults looking at it is why the fire engine is yellow in the first place.

Seems scientists did some research and learned that yellow is a safer color for fire engines than red.

They are easier to see than the classic red ones, both during the day and at night.

That leads to less accidents, especially as they speed through intersections at night.

I guess fire stations across the country are making the switch in the name of safety and our city was one that recently went yellow.

Now if they could just choose a siren sound already...

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