Someone from Apple once said "You really haven't owned an Apple iPhone until you've broken an iPhone.   I've been lucky with mine, but my wife just bought the new iPhone 5 after the screen on her 4 was completely trashed, making it basically unusable.  Americans have spent almost $6 billion on damaged iPhones since they were introduced over 5 years ago.  Warranty provider Square Trade has learned in a survey of 2,000 owners that just over half are broken indoors as compared to outdoor mishaps including leaving the phone on the roof of your car and driving off.

As for where iPhones are damaged inside the home, about 20% of the accidents happen in the kitchen with the living room accounting for 18%.   Next would be the bathroom at 16% where half of the time the phone falls in the toilet, which is far less than I would have guessed.  How about the washing machine?

Well according to Square Trade, one in 20 damaged iPhones are a result of being left in clothing that goes to the laundry.   Speaking of which, water tops the list of liquids that cause iPhone to go on the fritz.  Next is soda, then it's beer, tied with coffee and tea.