A new invention is making huge headlines about how to prank people you don't like.ShipYourEnemiesGlitter is an actual website that you can go on and ship a tube of glitter to someone you don't like.  How hilarious is that? Everyone knows how hard it is to get glitter out of things. Once you drop even a handful of it, it will take you forever to clean up the entire mess. Now, imagine having an entire tube filled with glitter, exploding right at the person's face and getting everywhere. All over their floor, carpet, desk, and chair!  That is an evil genius idea.

To order a Glitter Bomb you have to go on their website, pay about $8 for the entire glitter bomb, give them an address and wait until your enemy opens the mail and the glitter comes spilling out. The only thing that stinks about this prank is that you won't be able to see them opening up the letter. Instead you are just going to have to enjoy knowing that somewhere, your enemy is spending their afternoon cleaning up the mess you made.

Actually, I think glitter bomb is so hilarious, that I kind of wish I had one just for fun!  It would be fun and funny to open up a tube filled with glitter and have it explode!  I wouldn't really like knowing that someone that isn't fond of me sent it, but oh well!

Another thing with this glitter bomb...wow, you really have to be on someone's bad side to get one...because I can't think of one single person that I dislike so much that I would spend money to send them a glitter bomb and then not even get to see them open it.  I don't know about that.

This invention has received such a high demand that the site crashed about a day in and now the owner is asking for people to stop sending him requests!  Sorry buddy, but we don't think people are going to stop anytime soon!

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