The 'Hiccupop' is here to save the day!  16-year-old Mallory Kievman of Manchester, Connecticut, has developed a lollipop that helps to stop the nagging case of the hiccups.

She invented the 'Hiccupops' at her house when she was only in seventh grade, after a persistent run of trial and error; she was able to find the right combination to ease her own case of the hiccups. The combo that eventually worked for her was, a blend of apple cider vinegar, sugar and sucking on a lollipop, and that did the trick!  The lollipop has officially hit the market.

According to WCVB, “while sometimes hiccups can be funny, they can also be painful, and persistent," Kievman said. "Hiccups are a side effect of medical treatments like cancer chemotherapy, kidney dialysis, and anesthesia and can dramatically affect the quality of life for many patients who are already suffering. It is important to me to help people going through those tough times.”

The reason behind why we get the hiccups: it happens when a spasm contracts the diaphragm, prompting a quick inhalation that is suddenly stopped by closure of the vocal cords. The closure causes the hiccup sound.

Mallory was chosen among 15,000 other kids between the ages of kindergarten and twelfth grade who annually partake in the Connecticut Invention Convention, to participate in the White House Science Fair.