I can't believe E.T. is 30 years old! It seems like yesterday my sister and I were brought to Cinema 140 to see everyone's favorite extra-terrestrial.

When E.T. came out, it was a huge deal. Even Silverstein's had an E.T. movable statue in one of the displays. As soon as it moved, my sister ran away and got freaked out too when the astronauts came into Elliot's house near the end of the movie. She can't take aliens. Even ones that say, "Ouch."

Is E.T. available on Blu-Ray? If so, I'd love to have it for my son and future kids my wife and I have. I definately was a child of the 80's and think a lot of those movies are absolutely timeless. They're better than the crap that hits the screens today.

Happy Birthday E.T., here's some Reese's Pieces for you.

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