Imagine if your fashionable gold bracelet or your go-to hair clip could serve a double purpose and protect you from danger?

Well, it's closer to a reality than you may think. I'm talking about the 'Smart Clip'. It's a device that a woman can wear as a hair clip or as a bracelet cuff, that has sensors built in to detect physical assault and send for help. WPRI News Channel 12 reports, that the 'Smart Clip' will be able to tell the difference between impact from every day use and impact from violence.

Another benefit of the 'Smart Clip' can collect data necessary for criminal investigations by activating the wearer's cell phone GPS and microphone.

This technology is brand new, so it hasn't been announced yet where you can purchase a 'Smart Clip'. However, some prices have been announced, and the jewelry cuff and hair clip fall into the price ranges of $35 to $100, with a monthly monitoring fee, which is optional.