We know what you're thinking; You're thinking a Bridal Show is going to be a lot of you being miserable. But that's not true!  If your Bride-to-Be has kindly asked you to tag along to the Fun 107 Bridal Show this Sunday, we've got the expertise to help you get through it. 

Food & Beverage:  The bars are open (that's right, there's more than one!) and ready to pour you a tall one. Also, there are a number of bakeries and catering companies on hand , there are a number of bakeries and catering companies sampling their products.  If the bite-sized stuff doesn't do it for you- the boneless wings and quesadillas can be found just down the hall, inside of the Galley Grille.

Attire:  Did you know this is our 24th year doing this?  It is. That means we know a little bit about how to be comfortable at this event.  First, it gets crowded and often times, pretty hot. Leave the jackets in the car if  you can. Secondly, you are on your feet for quite some time so make sure you've got on the most comfortable shoes you own.

Guy Time:  It's no secret that this event is predominantly attended by females. If you need a break from the chick-chat, there a few different things you can do. There are three televisions at the bar down the hall- maybe they'll be showing some Pro-Bowl highlights from previous years. If you need to just take a seat and relax, grab cushy seat inside of Fisher's Party Bus parked out front.

The Fashion Show:  You've made it so far already, its time to really score points with your Bride-to-Be during the fashion show. Drop a few of these lines and instantly become Fiance of the Year:

  • You would look way hotter in that dress.
  • That dress would never do your body justice.
  • Those little girls are so adorable, I can hardly wait for our own little girls one day.
  • You are the most beautiful woman in this whole room.
  • This is making me really excited for our wedding.
  • We should probably go to one of these again next weekend!

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