Guy's Guide to the Fun107 Bridal Show
We know what you're thinking; You're thinking a Bridal Show is going to be a lot of you being miserable. But that's not true!  If your Bride-to-Be has kindly asked you to tag along to the Fun 107 Bridal Show this Sunday, we've got the expertise to help you get through it.
Good Boy
Cute puppy alert! This little Husky puppy Remmy is only eight weeks old. But, as you can see in this youtube video, Remmy is already way ahead of the game when it comes to doing tricks.
New On Craigslist
Pregnant? Need some extra money? Don't throw away that positive pregnancy test. Sell it! Here's something new and very disturbing happening on the net. Have you been waiting for your boyfriend to pop the question? Want to play a trick on your family...
Awesome Trick
You've seen a lot of skateboarders, they like to do tricks. Have you ever seen one do a backflip onto another skateboard. You will today.

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