Someone is really making the best out of their life!  The goal of Matt Bray is to motivate others to be creative and to pursue their dreams.

The college student from Naperville, Illinois, believes that you should not wait until later in life to do the things that you want to do.

According to, Bray released a video on YouTube over one year ago titled “100 Days of Dance.” That video went viral and has over 7 million views. In his latest video, Bray has released “100 Places of Dance,” which he does the exact same dance in 100 places to the song “The Sun,” by Parov Stelar.

The video was uploaded onto YouTube last Saturday and it already has over 1 million views. Bray’s YouTube channel is called “ProjectOneLife,” which means that “You can only live once.”

Watch the entire video down below of Matt Bray’s “100 Places of Dance.”

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez

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