Friday is the last day of Spirit Week at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School. Traditionally, students are asked to coordinate their dress attire with a certain theme for every day in the school week.

With the tragic death of Visual Design teacher George Heath, students have been asked to come into school Friday wearing two different shoes.

During the days following his death, many lighter stories about Heath's time at GNB Voc-Tech have come to light. One of those stories involved Heath being late to the school one day, dressing himself in a hurry, and realizing he was wearing two different shoes when he arrived in the classroom.

Heath's wife, Rosemary, recounted the incident Thursday afternoon on WBSM, speaking with Barry Richard:

Rosemary: He got up to go to work last week, and he was hectic and crazy. He overslept. Going nuts and everything. And he gets to school and gets out at the school and he looks down as he goes to lock his truck door and goes to walk into school and realizes he has two different shoes on.

Barry: No kidding?

Rosemary: He sends a text to me, 'This is the way it's going to be today!'

Barry: Well, he must have had fun with that, right?

Rosemary: Of course he did! Showing the students, pointing it out.

In addition to asking students to wear different shoes, staff members have been asked to wear white shirts in George Heath's memory.

Heath had been teaching at the school since 2005. He was 56 years old.