TAUNTON (WBSM) — The Silver City has now become Dead City.

Taunton has played host for the past few days to the cast and crew of The Walking Dead: Dead City, as the second season of the hit series has been filming at 144 West Brittania Street and 437 Whittenton Street.

And yes, stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen have been there to take part.

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Walking Dead (and Supernatural, shoutout to John Winchester) fans have descended upon the neighborhood hoping to catch a glimpse of “Negan,” “Maggie” or any of the zombies and zombie apocalypse survivors.

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We asked folks in the “I Live in Taunton, MA” Facebook group to share some of their photos and videos of the Walking Dead production, and we compiled them together for you here.

JoAnn Souza Clare was fortunate enough to meet Morgan and snap a photo with him.

Courtesy JoAnn Souza Clare
Courtesy JoAnn Souza Clare

“I can’t believe I got to meet him,” she wrote. “He was and is awesome.”

The show began filming in Taunton on Monday and was scheduled to wrap up today, although the expected rainy weather and morning fog may have caused them to wrap a little early.

The production posted signs around the neighborhood last week alerting residents to the planned filming, even saying producers were “interested in potentially paying certain houses to keep some lights off during our filming as the show takes place during a zombie apocalypse.”

The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 2 has no planned release date, so it may be awhile before Tauntonians see their city on the screen. The series just added former Sons of Anarchy star Kim Coates to the cast.

Taunton has hosted Hollywood productions before. In 2009, 437 Whittenton Street stood in as the Dachau concentration camp for scenes from Shutter Island starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

See photos of The Walking Dead: Dead City filming below:

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Taunton hosted filming this week for Season 2 of The Walking Dead: Dead City, including stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen visiting the Silver City. Check out some photos sent to us by Taunton residents who went to visit the set.

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